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Knee Sleeves

  • When you're attempting heavy lifts or pushing through a tough conditioning session, worrying about equipment should be the last thing on your mind. At BarBend, we value feel, quality, and durability above all else. So we make equipment that fits right, feels great, and holds up to even the toughest conditions.

    Our BarBend 7mm Knee Sleeves are the perfect blend of flexibility and support, with a multi-panel, tapered design that conforms to your leg while providing an ideal level of bounce. They slide on easily but don't succumb to the same slippage as many one or even two-piece sleeves on the market. They're in it for the long haul training sessions, heavy PRs, and everything in between.

The Last Knee Sleeves You'll Ever Need

Knee sleeves are a versatile tool in every strength athlete's bag. They provide warmth and support, but they should never get in the way of executing the movements you love. That's why we built the BarBend Knee Sleeves to versatile-but-strong specifications: a 7mm neoprene sleeve with multi-panel, tapered construction and incredibly strong reinforced seems.

Sleeves don't make the lifter, but they can sure help. Our sleeves are tear and fray-resistant and made from the finest quality materials with precision stitching.

Strong — Our knee sleeves give an ideal amount of support throughout the full squatting (or lunging) range of motion.

Durable — Reinforced seems mean our multi-panel design holds up to the toughest tests.

Flexible — Supportive, but not too stiff!

Tapered — To fit your leg comfortably in multiple planes of motion.

BarBend Knee Sleeves Pair

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