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Kinesiology Tape

  • Extra-sticky with a 2-inch width, BarBend's Kinesiology Tape features a specially-designed adhesive that keeps the tape attached to your skin along its full length and width.

    Don't like itchy tape? Neither do we. That's why BarBend's tape is woven for maximum durability AND comfort.

    Our tape features a 2-way stretch and adhesive patterning, along with a woven design that mimics movement with your skin. The tape can stretch up to 180% of its original length, providing adjustable feedback along the skin and fascia.

Tape for Strength Athletes (By Strength Athletes)

We spend hours training our muscles, connective tissue, and nervous system to perform at a high level. And that's just as true for weightlifters and powerlifters as it is for fitness athletes and strongmen. But why are we neglecting our fascia, one of the most important drivers of strength and movement?

Give your muscles, fascia, and joints some extra love and support with BarBend Muscle Tape. Our premium kinesiology tape stays on strong and provides a lifting, supportive layer that can help support muscle endurance, comfort, and stability.

Kinesiology tape used to be a tool reserved for the pros. But advances in manufacturing and supplies have made it more available than ever, and now all athletes can benefit. Our tape is specially designed to stick to skin — and stay on — for the duration of your workout. Through sweat and just about any range of motion your can train, BarBend's Muscle Tape stays strong for the ride.

Waterproof - BarBend's Muscle Tape resists water and sweat to reduce the chance of peeling. Because that's the last thing you want to worry about during training!

Sticks On Strong - No fidgeting, no curling, our tape is designed to stay snug to your skin through practically any movement.

Almost 25 Feet of Tape! - Each roll comes with nearly 25 feet of tape so you don't have to miss any spots that need a little extra support.

2 Inch Width - Perfect for application to large muscle groups, and easy to cut narrower for smaller joints and wrapping.

Extra Sticky - A specially-designed adhesive keeps this tape attached for its full length and width.

Comfortable Feel - Don't like itchy tape? Neither do we. That's why BarBend's tape is woven for maximum durability AND comfort.

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