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BarBend White Weightlifting Belt

  • The BarBend Weightlifting Belt is the last lifting belt you'll ever need. Designed with the Olympic lifts in mind — but fantastic for all strength sports — this genuine leather belt features a tapered design. It gives unparalleled security without getting in the way of bar path or movement.

    The 4" back tapers to 2.5" on the sides and front, conforming to International Weightlifting Federation standards.

    A belt as beautiful as it is functional, this belt adjusts easily and fits comfortably against the torso to avoid pinching or pulling during dynamic lifts.

    NOTE: All BarBend Leather Belts are handcrafted and made to order, which takes more time than mass-production. The delivery date may vary based on volume. Most belts leave for shipping within 2-3 weeks of initial order.

Belts for Strength Athletes (By Strength Athletes)

If you want maximum bar security when training heavy pulling movements, this is the strap for you.

A belt is the lifter's most trustworthy companion, providing support through tough training sessions and competitions alike. And that's why we sell belts that are useful for training AND the competition platform.

Our White Weightlifting Belt is crafted in the USA from rugged leather and finished with a beautiful textured white leather. The tapered design provides excellent stability on snatches, clean & jerks, squats, pulls, and more without impeding the lifter's mobility or movement with and around the barbell.

Not all belts are built to the same standards, and beware of fake leather belts masquerading as the real thing. Our genuine leather belts are built to last a lifetime and through regular usage, from the wear-resistant buckle to the fasteners and hearty stitching.