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Figure 8 Lifting Straps

  • The BarBend Figure 8 Lifting Straps are the most secure straps on the market for deadlifts and heavy pulls.

    These straps provide MAXIMUM security with a double-loop design — and reinforced center — preferred by top pro strongman competitors. Includes extra wrist padding for maximum comfort and great feel.

    Never Let Grip Fail You! Strongman style deadlifts, heavy pulls, farmer's walks: These straps can take your training up a notch when normal grip fails.

Straps for Strength Athletes (By Strength Athletes)

If you want maximum bar security when training heavy pulling movements, this is the strap for you.

The first time we used Figure 8 straps, we loved the concept — but we hated the feel. So we rethought the design and added a rugged, padded layer at the point where the strap has most contact with the top of the wrist. The result is a one-size-fits-all Figure 8 strap that produces less chafing and abrasion on the skin.

We'll cut to the chase: The Figure 8 Strap isn't the most versatile strap on the market. It shouldn't be used for Olympic movements or movements where you need to ditch weight quickly — but it isn't designed for that.

This is a strap designed to provide MAXIMUM bar security for heavy pulls and deadlifts. It's especially great for strongman style pulling, along with axle and other thick-bar deadlifts.

Not all straps are created equal, and we've tried our fair share of models that rip, tear, or slip. That's why we built a strap out of PREMIUM, extra thick canvas with incredibly robust stitching. This is a strap that just won't quit.

Reinforced at the crossover point? Check. Full stitching around the extra padding? Check. Oh, and they even comes with their own carrying case, so you'll never misplace a strap again.

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